Brittany Spaniel

By Dylan


Images of Brittanys were first seen on tapestries and paintings from the 17th century. These images depicted orange and white dogs hunting and retrieving game. Brittneys have docked tails so it is just a nub. Brittneys are great hunters.


Brittanys have long legs and floppy ears. Their expressions are usually of intelligence, vigor , and alertness. Some Brittanys are born with short tails some have short. If a Brittany had a long tail it would be docked to 3-10 centimeters. Brittanys coloring is orange and white or liver and white.


Brittanys live usually in rule and suburban places. They usually live on farms or places with lots of land. But Brittanys some times live in suburban places and need a lot of exercise. But over all Brittanys need a lot of space to run.


Brittany's prey is Quail, Grouse, Pheasant, Chucker. They are hunting dogs so they are bred to catch thees kind of birds. They are trained to point there prey then when they get permission will rush in at the bird.


If A Brittany got louse if it was small it wold have Owls, Hawks, Bears, Wolves, Mountain Lions and Coyotes. A bigger Brittany would have Bears, Wolves, Mountain Lions and Coyotes. A large adult Brittany would have about the same.


Brittanys have long legs and they are relay fast. They Have long fur to stay warm. They can swim very well so they can go in after birds. They are very smart to find what they need. They have a very good sense of smell to find there prey.


Brittanys are grate dogs. They are amazing hunters. They are grate companions. So If you need a friend you should get a Brittany Spaniel. Fun Fact Brittanys are originally from France!