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Hello All!

Happy Saturday to you!

I'm praying for no snow - just to put that out there. I'm soaking up this sunshine today and wishing away any potential Nor'Easters that could be coming our way in the next couple of days.

I AM looking forward to seeing most of you this upcoming week at our parent teacher conference! If you misplaced your confirmation sheet, let me know and I can send you your date and time again.


Week of Mar 21st - Parent Teacher Conferences

Week of Mar 21st - Memorial School's Spring Book Fair 3-6pm

Mar 22nd - Spring Picture Day - you must send back the form in order to have a photo taken

Mar 24th - Trimester 2 Report Cards Go Home

Mar 27th - Hoppy Easter!

APRIL 2ND - GNG PATRIOT PARENTS PRESENTS: LIP SYNC BATTLE featuring your very own, Ms. Montgomery <gulp>

Come support, cheer, and vote for our Memorial team which includes Miss Cloie, Miss Scott, MRS. HENNESSEY, Mrs. Turner, Mrs. Pongratz, and Miss K!! Seriously, we need you for moral support! Doors open at 5pm. Battle begins at 6pm.

See Miss Cloie for your family's tickets ASAP.

April 4th - Sparks' Ark visits Memorial School

Apr 13th - Early Release - Dismissal at 1pm

April 13th - Memorial School's First Annual Night of Learning (aka Memorial Mania) - 6pm-7pm stop by to see how your child is learning literacy, math, and socio-emotional skills and strategies. It's sure to be a blast with games, tips, and takeaways for you and your family!

Apr 15th - No School

Apr 18th to 22nd - No School - April Vacation

May 11th - Spring Music Concert @ GNGMS 6pm

May 16th - Art & Spanish Night 5-7pm

In case you missed the memo from the office, current kindergarten kiddos do not have school May 19th, 20th, and 23rd as it's Kindergarten Screening for the incoming kiddos. (**just a friendly reminder :-) **)

Enjoy your weekends!



Not sure what to do with your kiddo during Kindergarten Screening dates???

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Next Week's Snack Duties

MONDAY - Serenity


WEDNESDAY - Ms. Montgomery

THURSDAY - Madalyn

FRIDAY - Aubrey

Return to Room Practice

There is a whole lot of practice of anything and everything required in a school. From tying shoes to using the bathroom to eating in the cafe to center time to fire drills. We practice fire drills so if an emergency does happen, every knows what to expect and knows what to do. It is actually a school's job to practice such drills. Another one of these drills is called a return to room. Memorial School has now practiced said drill on two different occasions.

A return to room is exactly what it sounds like. If a class, student, or adult is in the hallway when a return to room is called, those individuals must quickly get into the closest room where an adult is present. This may mean that a kiddo is not in a room with his/her teacher or classmates. During our last practice, I was in the hallway and had to go into a second grade classroom, as that was the closest room.

A return to room may be called if there were a weather emergency or if the hallways just need to be cleared.

If we are all already in our classroom, we would just stay there. I would close the door and we would all continue working at a quiet level. It is important that we are quiet while we wait to hear from Mrs. Hennessey over the intercom for further directions. It has not appeared to me that anyone has been upset or nervous during our practices, however, I wanted to let you all know a bit about these drills in case anything comes up at home.

Adjectives in the Bat Cave

We have been learning about describing words, otherwise known as adjectives, in the books we read. Eventually, we will be looking to add these exciting words into our writing. We have read lots of spring books, like Marty Kelley's Spring Goes Squish, and then pulled out all of the words he used to describe spring. We created the rainbows below.
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We are also still focusing on using our lowercase letters appropriately in our writing. This is a skill most of us still need reminders about, so when at home, if you see your kiddo doing any sort of writing, a gentle reminder about using lowercase letters would be helpful. Anytime you see your kiddo writing his/her name, a reminder about writing a capital at the beginning and lowercase letters for the rest would also be helpful!

(A note about the word AWESOME above: we got really, really excited about learning how to spell this word - yes, there's a chant/song for this word - which is why you will see it in all caps)

How We Use Adjectives to Describe Ourselves

Leprechauns, Rainbows, & Gold (oh my!)

The kiddos were super into the whole leprechaun thing, so we read several stories about them. Each story was a bit different in how one must properly catch a leprechaun in order to get his gold.

We did a little poetry and a little writing to complete the creativity below. It was hard to come up with ideas of what one might find in the pot when gold was not an option!

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I Feel Lucky When....

Addition in the Bat Cave

We have been hard at work learning that "addition is taking two numbers, putting them together, and counting up!"

We have been playing several different games to help us practice this operation. One of these games is called Bump! Two players share a game board, two dice, and two different colored counters. Players take turn rolling and adding their two numbers together. Each player will then use their own counter to cover the sum on the game board. If the number is already covered by the other player, then he/she gets to BUMP the other player off that number. The object of the game is to have more numbers covered than your opponent.

At home, it would be great practice rolling just one die and having your number shout out the number without having to count the dots (there's that subitizing again!). Once your kiddo can consistently call out the number shown, have him/her roll two dice. A great skill for practice using two dice is counting on. Instead of counting all dots, have your kiddo identify one of the numbers and then count on to the remaining numbers. For example: you roll a 6 and a 2. A child who subitizes consistently and efficiently will be able to identify the number 6 right away. Say 6 and then count on to the other die "7, 8". 6+2=8. Counting on is an assessed skill at first grade, however, I have introduced this in our classroom already this year.

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New in Our Classroom

I have started a new behavior management tool. We have been using our color thermometer for most of the year, and lately, I have just felt it hasn't been as effective or useful as we need it to be. I have felt yucky for having to say so many names so often. If I'm feeling that way, I'm sure the kiddos aren't digging hearing my voice so much. So we're mixing things up a bit!

Each day everyone will start with a tower of five snap cubes. When I see or hear off task/undesired behaviors, I simply take a snap cube. No talking. No reminders. No warnings. No stoppage of teaching or learning. The snap cube goes into the community bucket. Snap cubes can be earned back. All is not lost when one loses a cube! The goal is obviously to have all five cubes by choice time - five cubes earns technology time. Three and four cubes left by choice time earn choice time, but no technology. One and two snap cubes will have fewer choices than three of four cubes. No snap cubes means no choice time.

Yesterday was our guinea pig day and it seemed to go really well. As with anything, the effects wear off over time, so I am not opposed to trying anything new. We will use this new tool as long as it's meaningful to the kiddos. If it comes time to try something new or up the stakes a bit, we will be ready! In case you hear anything about snap cubes, you know what your kiddo is talking about!


Rolls of paper towels

If you could bring a roll to your conference, the class would greatly appreciate it!

A Room Full of Leprechauns

It had been awhile since we had taken a "classie", so I thought St. Patrick's Day was a great day where we all sported our best green.