Cloud Computing

Google Drive and Office 365

Google Drive

  • Open Google Chrome
  • Go to and click on Educators
  • Choose "FWISD Google" and click it.
  • Your username will be:
  • Your initial password will be: FWISDemployeenumber. For example if your employee ID is 123456 then your initial password will be FWISD123456 (all caps).
  • You will be asked to change the password to something you'll remember. It's advisable to change it to the current active directory password.

Office 365

  • In addition to Google Drive, FWISD now has Office365.
  • Two clouds are better than one or none.
  • To gain access to your Office365 type in your Google Chrome browser:
  • Use your Active Directory credentials to log in to the website.
  • You have access to Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote online, similar to Google Drive.
  • Collaboration can be done at the same time too!
  • Easily share your documents with whomever you choose.
  • Your mail has not migrated to Office365, yet.
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Summer Training Opportunities

  • Training on Office 365 will be offered this summer.
  • Keep watching for the Educational Technology Summer Catalog of classes.
  • Learn more about Office 365 on the Educational Technology website under Quick Reference Guides.