The Bear Necessities

April 22, 2019

Permission Granted: Let them be little curious explorers!!

At the heart of process art is experimentation. It is important to offer art experiences that children can bring their own ideas to test and explore.

Monoprints give children full permission to experiment.

Add loose parts for mark making in the paint and you have magic!

See article below

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Parent Teacher Conferences

This is the week we connect with families, sometimes for the final time. Your relationship with families is amazing, thanks for spending this time together, the benefit to our little learners is amazing!

Satellites: We are still waiting to hear who is covering conferences as an administrator. If it will be someone other than the building administrator, I will let you know. There was a problem getting them covered this year.

Meals: We will have bbq again this spring on Wednesday at 2:00. Satellites will get info from Jeanie.

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Because sometimes we actually sound like we are speaking another language!

The below article is for parents, but it is a nice reminder for us. We tend to use these terms so often, that we assume the rest of the world knows what we are talking about....they don't.

You either think he's funny or you don' choose to watch or not! But a good laugh is important!


Tuesday, April 23rd - SLP interviews in the PM at Miller Park

Monday, April 29th - Paraprofessional interviews all day here

Tuesday, April 30th - ECSE Teacher Interviews all day here WE NEED HELP on this team, let me know if interested.

Wednesday, May 1st - Parent Educator interviews all day here WE NEED HELP on this team, let me know if interested.

Thursday, May 2nd - Cota Interviews

Board Report

Our Board Report is due May 15th. If you have any great pics or stories, we would love to have them for this report. I will share it with you when we have finished it and submitted it to SLC.

Early Childhood Expansion PrAT

This team has now met two times. Our list of tasks is long, but we are hopeful that we can assimilate the Board of Education to our needs and be considered for any future bond issue.

Conscious Discipline 1 - Kansas City June 10-14

If you want to be considered, please send me your name. We do not know how many of these slots we get, but I need to know how many to ask for.

Our Week

Monday - here all day in interviews

Tuesday - here all day in interviews

Wednesday - here all day in interviews

Thursday - principals mtg AM/interviews PM

Friday - here all day