Sammy Davis Jr

By Dalton Pregon

Sammy Davis's Carrer

Sammy Davis Jr was introduced to music so young. That when his father and mother divorced went with Dad to learn tap dancing and on the road stage life. So then he went and played in different bands which lead him to do his style of composing music. Which was famous for bringing out everyone's specialty in music. With his part in acting to in Movies and T.V shows. Thats why he was one know as 1 of the best entertainer, musician, and actor.

Sammy Davis Jr

Fighting in many Wars

Sammy Davis Jr was a entertainer in WW2 and when he came back wanting to keep playing music. As a black musician was hard in his time. Because of the separation between whites and blacks. He did though follow his dreams which inspired other and he went on the marches with Martin Luther King jr trying to end slavery. Thats why Sammy Davis Jr was one of the best Musician, Entertainers, and Actors for his time.


Sammy Davis Jr was a T.V and Movie actor apart of the Rat Pack starred in some major movies in his time. Many more small movies though and when he wasn't acting he was entertaining people. In Night Clubs and tap dancing with his father and uncle.