Middle Childhood Health Concerns

Makaylia Loury


  • Midrange sounds develop first
  • Ear infections can cause permanent hearing loss
  • Ear infections decrease due to structural changes in most children
  • The Eustachian tube changes positions preventing bacteria from going into the ear
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  • At 6, kids can read
  • Their focus improves
  • Farsightedness appears in some preschoolers
- Being able to see in the distance but not close up

  • Nearsighted is the most common vision problem
- being able to see close up but not far away

  • more close up activities can affect nearsightedness
  • Glasses can help with being nearsighted
  • 25% of children need glasses by the end of their school year
  • Vision is important to get checked regularly
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  • Children lose primary teeth during this stage
  • Lower and upper front teeth fall first
  • By 12, they have all 20 permanent teeth
  • Their teeth will seem big compared to their face
  • Eventually the bones in the face grow widening the mouth and face length
  • Children can become self-conscious when losing teeth
  • Cavities can appear if teeth are not properly taken care of
  • Poor diet can cause cavities
  • Encourage regular dental check-ups
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  • Obesity is considered if child is 20% over average weight
  • Obese children tend to get bullied and have fewer friends
  • They lack self-esteem
  • Obesity has a tendency to be inherited
  • If parents over eat, the child will over eat
  • Factors of overeating are: divorce, alcoholism, death in the family, or abuse
  • Obesity in children is caused by inactivity
  • Obese children tend to be obese as adults
  • They need to learn portions and how to eat healthier
  • Encourage exercise and help with emotional problems
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