latin america how power shifts

cultural geography


The groups in Guatemala that have power and how power shift were the Guatemalan government the Army and wealthy the pesents and workers the united states of america that over watched the election and if it didn't go the way they wanted it to they would have come in and taken over and the Guerillas in the beginning the army and wealthy have the power.


by the end of the game the power shifted so the government and peaesnts had all the msu's so let me talk about the beginning first. When the Guerillas attacked the rich and the wealthy and gained 10 msu's and the army and wealthy attacked them back but it ended in a draw. On the last month the army and wealthy new they would have lost all there msu's if they didn't do anything to stop the peaesnts from getting all the power. So they gave all of there msu's to the government restoring the power and balance because the army and wealthy still have the power even if the peaesnts won the election.


There are a few things showing conflicted and cooperation in this game like when the army and wealthy silence multiple people like the guys in government reps and one of the peaesnts which is a sign of conflicted but they signed a treaty with the Guerillas and they were set free and then the Guerillas joined the peaesnts after giving them all there msu's.


The united states wanted to put someone in power that they can control nothing more and nothing less just someone that "They found beneficial to there country"


When power shifts in a country it all depends on who you are when the power shifts to determine if it was a good power shift or a bad one. For the army and wealthy it was a bad power shift when the peaesnts tried to take control. But if you were the Guerillas or the peaesnts or even the government you had a good power shift it was helping you in the long run.


The reasons I know about cooperation and conflict are because it happens in everyone's daily life like the other week me and my mom went into a used apple store were they sell apple products and fix apple products such as iPhones, mac computers, desk top macs, iPods etc.. just about anything made by apple. so we went their because I am looking for a laptop for school they had one out that we could use and test to see how fast it was and how fast it could work I have 250$$$ and I need another 110$$$ so my mom made a deal with me that if I keep my grades up I keep the laptop and so she is going to give me the 110$$ for the laptop that I am getting on Friday or Thursday. that shows cooperation because we are working together to solve the problem that I have with not having a laptop for school. A conflict example is when the football time I was on would mess up in school and the coach would punish us in practice like one day it was nothing but running and push ups for the hole practice and they still didn't learn there lesson so we would hit each other and push kick yell anything to make them realize that what they were doing was wrong and not only hurting themselves in school but it was also hurting the team physically which would piss us off and there would be physical conflict hitting yelling screaming kicking like a bunch of 5 year old and that shows conflict because the kids that dint like running or push ups or throwing up after practice would but heads with the kids that would mess around in school an would get into trouble.