A Group Of People Called Artisans

In Egypt

Who are they?

A very special band of workmen was paid to live inside a number of small, purpose-built villages in ancient Egypt. These were the elite tomb artists and artisans who were commissioned to build and decorate the tombs of pharaohs and other officials. Financed by the ruling pharaoh, they included stone masons, plasterers, draftsmen, sculptors, carvers, carpenters, painters and scribes, and they lived in artists’ villages or ‘workshops’ with their families.


The materials artists used included clay, paints made from pigments, inks, metals, woods, ivory and bone, glass, flax, reeds, wax, leather and stone. Tools included axes, saws, adzes, chisels, moulds, mallets, set squares with plumb lines, levels with plumb lines, kilns, brushes and pens made from reed, pottery wheels and palettes with wells for red and black ink.


This Is Interesting Stuff!

What they built!

Artasans help build the pyramids, they also built temples and palases they were not treated unfairly in fact the pharrow had them on his (happy list).