Collaboration is Key

Reflective Questioning, Entry Points & Observation Tools

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Coaching Partner Practice - Take time to talk with a partner and discuss current practices using the Mentor Check-In Tool. We will come back together in 5 minutes.
4-Box Mentor Check-In Tool

Reflective Questioning & Entry Points

"Reflective questioning is a technique in which one person prepares and asks questions that are designed to provide opportunities for the respondent to explore his or her knowledge, skills, experiences, attitudes, beliefs and values."

what not to do when mentoring

Observation Tools

Targeting a Focus

  • PPfT Rubric - The importance of focusing on what the teacher has identified.


Ideas for Ways to Script:

  • Classroom Observation Document - T-Chart for easy organization
  • Shared Google Doc - easy, real-time electronic document
  • Spiral Notebook - freehand scripting

Putting Scripting into Practice (video)

Keep Up the Encouragement & Support


Peer Visits are important, as learning is a collaborative effort. Remember to ask about substitutes to cover your class while you participate in these visits.