Jamaica is an island in the Caribbean sea, south of Cuba. Usually the temperture ranges from 80-90 degree Fahrenheit. Jamaica has been independent since 1962 but before they became independent they were ruled by Britain. The official language is English.

Geographical Features


Government and Economy

Jamaica has a parliamentary democracy but still calls Queen Elisabeth the 2nd their leader. Their prime minister is Portia Simpson Miller. Jamaica is currently in a good relationship with other countries especially the United States Of America. In Jamaica they use Jamaican dollars in their socialism economy. They Import food and other consumer goods, industrial supplies, fuel, construction material, parts of capital goods, transport equipment. They import these items from the United States, Venezuela, China, Mexico, Trinidad and Tobago. They export tea, rum, coffee, yams, sugar, bauxite. They export these goods from United States, Canada, Netherlands, Slovenia, UAE.


Why should I visit?

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