Team S.h.i.n.e.

July 2014

Get ready to GROW!

What an exciting time it is to be an Origami Owl Designer! With our Fall product line launching in just a few weeks and our busiest season about to begin, who's ready to take their business to the next level? I know I am!

...But before we march full-speed-ahead, let's take a quick moment to look back and see who rocked JULY!

Top TEN in Personal Volume!

1. Susan Keith $3001.40

2. Amy Briggs $2255.30

3. Susan Redgave $2166.35

4. Wendy Womack $2064.55

5. Krystle Burt $2042.40

6. Anna Scheer $1764.50

7. Sarah & Darrin Anderson $1691.70

8. Cindy Scobee $1555.10

9. Brooke Smith $1403.00

10. Tina Konow $1366.50

Top Sponsors!

Brittany Schroeder-3

Kathleen Thompson-2

Anita Murtishaw & Shelley Cortez-2

Hillary Perryman-2

Who's Moving UP?

Nonet Vargas – Team Leader

Sylvia Montes – Leading Designer

Tara Lemons – Leading Designer

Deborah Dougherty – Leading Designer

Allison Peters – Leading Designer

Valerie Brumbach – Leading Designer

Debra Cunningham – Leading Designer

Amy Briggs – Leading Designer

Cynthia Gratias – Leading Designer

Welcome New Designers!

Juma Hernandez- NJ

Maribel Hamm -KS

Charity Snider -MO

Brenda Baez-Guerena- CA

Linda Preston -CA

Andrea Maxwell -CO

Julie Byrd- CA

Kelli Montgomery- VA

Kristen Sayre- CA

Janet Mullen -MA

Darlene Douglas -NC

Kristen Ramirez -CA

Elyse Bustamante -CA

Savati Watson James -CA

Denae Richards -CO

Mary Jones -SC

Tacey Derby- TX

Catherine Gilbert- CA

Bonita Lockhart -CA

Alexis Crispin -CA

Ruana Teo -HI

Veronica Buck- HI

Courtnie Howard -CA

Blanca Reyes -AP

Mary Hernandez- CA

Robyn Smith -MO

Kim Frederick -PA

Kaylyn DeVries -NJ

Stacy Adkins -NY

Elisa Alfaro -CA

Erica Liske -CA

Antonella Baltazar-CA

Gabrielle Asiain- CA

Melanie Newkirk -CA

Tonya Baumann -WA

Debra Marsh -WA

National Convention 2014 -- Phoenix, AZ

Origami Owl Convention 2014 Recap - Grow

Locket Design by Hillary Perryman {love}

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NJ Post Convention Meeting

Saturday, Sep. 6th 2014 at 9am-4pm

1200 Old Trenton Rd

West Windsor Township, NJ

Team Facts

Total Central Team Volume July- $178,667.40

Total Designers: 2109

Team Directors:

Ashlie Fiallos, CA

Lindsey Nuttall, CA

Stacey Fenwrick, CA

Pre-Order Begins AUGUST 7th

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