The Three Little Wolves🐺

🐱By Abira Zhou🐱

😃The Start😃

Once upon a time there lived three little wolves and their mother in a gingerbread house.One day mother wolf said, “You three little wolves are too big to live in my gingerbread house! You must go and build your own homes.But be careful of the big bad pig,” “OK!”, the three little wolves replied and they set off to build their homes.

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The three little wolves went to live in Candy Forest.When they were singing a song happily down the path to Candy Forest the big bad pig eyed them hungrily, “Three little wolves coming to live in Candy Forest.They must of come here to build a candy house.I’ll just eat it up when they’re playing a game”, he thought. So the three little wolves built their candy house, “Marvelous!”,they said.So they played happily all of their days until they discovered a time machine under some mint leaves, “WOW!” they said, “Let’s go to ancient China!,” insisted the first little wolf, “I agree,” said the second little wolf, “But we can’t change history,” warned the third little wolf, “OK!” the two little wolves said to their brother and they went back in time.

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When they arrived they dressed themselves up in clothes and started exploring.First they ate and drank some traditional Chinese tea and dim sum.Then they continued exploring.They saw a Chinese man and asked him how to play Chinese chess. After they went to the great wall of China.

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The Problems

In Candy Forest big bad pig had eaten the candy house until Geronimo Stilton came strolling by he saw big bad pig eating the candy house, “Hey!” he shouted, “Why are you eating someone’s candy house?” “Because its delicious,” big bad pig replied, “I’ll call the police”, Geronimo Stilton said so big bad pig was caught.

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A Happy Ending

When the three little wolves came back they saw workers building a new candy house for the three little wolves, “What happened?”, the three little wolves said, “You don’t need to know,” said Geronimo Stilton, “Anyway can you three give me an exclusive interview so I can publish a special edition for the Rodents Gazzette?”, “Sure,” they replied.And the three little wolves lived happily ever after.

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The End