The Middle Colonies

New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania

New York

In 1664 New York was founded by the Duke Of York (James ll). The colony of New York had no set religion. The people practically worshiped freely since there were no set religion. It was founded by the Dutch for trade and furs. New York made money by selling fur, trading with other colonies, and mixed farming. The government of New York started off a proprietary then it became royal. The Duke of York was the one who made decisions for the colony. It had a population of approximately 162,920 people. The land would later be brought by Peter Minuit from Indians.

New Jersey

In 1660 New Jersey was founded by Lord Berkeley and Sir George Calvert. Just like New York, New Jersey had no set religion. It was founded for farming and trade with other colonies. The way New Jersey made their money was by mixed farming. They farmed as way of survival and as a money maker. The government of New Jersey was proprietary.The governors of New Jersey picked councils to make decisions. New Jersey had a population of approximately 117,431 people. The land was originally given to King Charles brother but he end up dividing it between his two friends.


In 1638 Delaware was founded by Peter Minuit. Delaware had no set religion so basically people could worship as they pleased. The reason for the founding of Delaware was for trade and agricultural opportunities. Delaware was know as the "breadbasket" because it grew lots of crops specifically wheat. Farming played a big part in the way Delaware made money. The cash crop of Delaware was wheat. Delaware got its name from prince De La War. It was under the control of Pennsylvania. The government was a proprietary government. The approximate population was about 35,496 people.


In 1682 Pennsylvania was founded by William Penn. Pennsylvania had no set religion but had prominence of the Quaker fate. The Quakers were people who believed that you could have direct relations with God .It was founded for a place to worship freely. They wanted religious freedom. Pennsylvania made their money from wheat and mixed farming. The Pennsylvania colony had a Proprietary government. The land was giving to William Penn because of a debt of his father Admiral Penn. Pennsylvania had a population of approximately 240,057 people.