Weekly Warrior

Volume 15 Issue 12 May 13, 2019

Important Dates

May 13th-AP Bio AM

May 13th-Class of 2019 Baccalaureate @6 pm Oak Hill Baptist Church

May 14th-AP Calc AM/AP Human Geo PM

May 15th-AP English Lang AM

May 16th-AP Stats PM

May 16th- Final Exams for 2nd & 4th

May 17th - Final Exams for 1st/3rd/5th

May 17th-Graduation 7:00 PM with Project Graduation to follow 11 PM-5 AM

May 20th - Closing Day for Teachers

June 8th- National ACT Testing Date

Aug 1st - 9th Grade Open House 5-7 PM

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AP Testing

AP Testing--AP Testing continues this week and should conclude (except for make-ups) by Thursday, May 16th. These tests could be either in the morning or the afternoon. Remind students if they are taking an afternoon test that they will need to arrange for a way home besides the bus. AP Testing includes students at all grade levels.

Testing locations will be in various classrooms in the math/science wing of the building, which will mean that some classes will be relocated to different parts of the building. Please be aware of these changes to the regular schedule and be patient with students (and teachers) as they adjust.

There will be no bells during this 2 week period. Schedules were sent from John Hargis and Doug Grider that contain instructions about the daily test schedule and rooms/locations/displaced teachers.

Special Announcement

Jeans Day this week on Wednesday-Thursday-Friday!

Summer School

We will have a summer school session on May 21st/22nd/23rd from 9AM-12PM each day. Students will need to have their own transportation to and from school. Please contact parents/students of anyone that has an achievable pass or an Incomplete grade and get work for those students to Kayla Shumaker by May 20th.

Before You Leave for the Summer

Before you leave for summer break, please take care of the following:

  • Put all technology in a safe location, somewhere that isn't in the way of summer cleaning. Put your computer inside your black box or a cabinet in your room. Take a picture of the hook-ups so that you can remember when you put it back together for next school year.
  • Make sure there are no books/materials on the floor inside your classroom. Please help our custodians out as they prepare to wax the floors throughout the school.
  • Check your classrooms for any library books/materials/textbooks that aren't yours and return those.
  • Fill out the address sheet (even if nothing has changed) and return to Shaun.
  • Turn in your parking tags to Shaun.
  • Check with Donna Tarter in Guidance to ensure that T3 grades have been posted correctly. Clean up any Incomplete grades you may have throughout the year and leave work for students attending summer school with Kayla Shumaker.
  • Make sure you have posted comments on report cards for GT students.
  • Summer PD--Depending on your department's plans to work this summer, you may need to complete PD on your own for the 2019-2020 school year. Check the district calendar for upcoming PD events offered here.

Summer Professional Development

There are new/revised Kentucky Academic Standards in English/Language Arts, Mathematics, Health & PE, and likely Social Studies (once Social Studies standards are passed in the June Kentucky Board of Education Meeting). Each of these departments will need to work with their department chair to schedule dates this summer to look at these standards and revise/update our syllabi and curriculum maps. All other departments are encouraged to meet and update/review syllabi and curriculum maps based on existing standards as well. Depending on your department's summer PD plan, you may need to complete additional hours on your own. To see what opportunities are offered by the district, follow the steps below:

If you register for any PD the district offers and are unable to attend for some reason, please be sure to cancel your registration. Some offerings have a limited number of seats available, so please be considerate of those who might be waiting to attend.

Class of 2019--Important Dates

  • May 10th-Senior Final Exams Deadline
  • May 10th-Senior Final Grades Posted in IC (notify John Hargis of any issues with senior grades)
  • May 10th-Names of ANY seniors that owe for textbooks, calculators, or any other unpaid fees to John Hargis & Stephen Butcher. Teachers need to make parent/guardian contact as well.
  • May 13th-Baccalaureate @6:00 PM Oak Hill Baptist Church
  • May 17th-Senior Cap & Gown Picture/Graduation Rehearsal/Warrior Walk/Senior Lunch to follow
  • May 17th-Graduation @7:00 PM in Gymnasium
  • May 17th-Project Graduation 11:00 PM - 5:00 AM

Faculty that are senior sponsors (senior homeroom teachers) need to see Mr. Hargis in Guidance to help out with graduation and/or Project Graduation.

All faculty are encouraged to participate in both events.

Success With Higher Standards

Southwestern High School will strive to graduate every student college/career ready and prepared for the 21st century.