By: Sam Collins

Background Info on Aruba

Aruba's four largest cities are Bablin, Oranjestad, Angochi, & Arasj. The 2nd largest city is Oranjestad with an aproximate population of 30,000 people this city is also Arubas capital city. Aruba was actually controlled by three different countries , but the current country or group it's being controlled is the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Aruba has never been an independent country. There official language is Dutch.


Aruba is a small island on the Caribbean Sea, north of Venezuela. Aruba is not much larger than Washington D.C. (The U.S capital city) Three physical of the island are its white sandy beaches, rolling hills, & it's also dry and flat.

Political & Economic Information

Arubas government is a parliamentary democracy. There leader is the Prime Minister; Mike Eman. There main form of currency is the Florin. There economic system is called an open economy.

Tourist Informatin

People should visit because it stays at a decent warm temp. all year , the white sant beaches & it's family friendly. When tourists are there they can go snorkeling, tour the island, go horse back riding, & go to the beach.