Tech at home

Make it work for everyone

Whether you have had a school-issued iPad at home for a while now or if this is your first experience, it's a good opportunity to evaluate behaviors around technology at home.

Set expectations together

Take the time to sit down with your children and make the rules about how iPads (and other technology) will--and will not--be used at home.


  • Stick with it! The best rules are ones that everyone can adhere to. Hold each other accountable for time online.
  • Set hours in which the iPad may be used.
  • Agree where the iPad may go in the house. EPSD recommends keeping the iPad in the common areas of the home (living room, kitchen), and charging the iPads in a parent's bedroom.
  • Set aside a time to look at what your child has been up to on their iPad. Have them demonstrate his/her learning!
  • Talk about screentime and what works in your home. Check out for talking points and guidelines.
  • Keep the iPad safe! Store the iPad in clean, dry, safe places when not in use...avoid leaving it on the floor or under items where it could inadvertently get damaged.

Keep it clean

  • Wipe the outside of the iPad (in its case) with a towel moistened with a gentle cleaner or sanitizing wipe.
  • Keep the case on the iPad at ALL times!
  • Avoid taking iPad into the bathroom or other germy areas.


  • Submerge the iPad in any liquid.
  • Use harsh cleaners.
  • Take the case off. (This not only puts the iPad at a higher risk for breakage, it also voids any insurance claims with the school should the iPad get broken.)

Cloud School

Check out for information specifically related to EPSD's school closure and at-home learning.


Q: Can I use Screen Time on my child's iPad?
A: Yes. You can add your student's Apple ID on a school-issued iPad and use Screen Time just as you would on any other device.

Q: Elementary only--Can I install apps on my child's iPad?

A: Any apps from Self Service may be installed on a student's iPad. Other apps may not be installed.

Q: Can we access school apps on other devices?

A: Yes. If you know the login information, you can log into apps for school from any device. Many apps also have web versions, so you can access the same apps through a browser on another device.

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