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Wednesday, July 1st, 6pm

Cinema Vitti

Giorni e nuvole, Silvio Soldini, 2007

Days and Clouds is a moving and engrossing examination of the rippling effects of sudden unemployment on an elegant middle class couple. The film shows intelligence, sensitivity, beauty and performances rivet us as we follow the unexpected and sometimes humorous efforts to adapt to the precarious situation. At the end, while we feel the sadness of the upheaval and the uncertainty of the future, the depth of love and growing strength of character that we have observed leave us with a sense of optimism.

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Estate all'italiana Festival streaming live and on demand

"Italian Summer Festival" is an international showcase of Italian festivals showcasing great tradition and excellence to enhance the cultural enterprises, artists and musicians of our scene and of the various regions of the country.

The events are available via live stream and on-demand.

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Still available Fare Cinema Film Fest on RaiPLay!

The third edition of "Fare Cinema" is available for free streaming on, This online Film Festival presents a series of events dedicated to Italian movies and cinematic professionals. Additionally, RaiPlay is paying tribute to Federico Fellini in celebration of his 100th birthday!

RaiPlay offers a variety of programs from movies and documentaries, to tv series and concerts.

PLEASE NOTE: Registration is required (it is completely free) and some content may not be available for viewing here in the States.