Newsletter Week 5 Term 3

Lauriston School 23rd August 2022

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BOT Presiding Member Message

To Our Lauriston School Community,

As we come to the end of the 3 year term for our board and look to vote on the positions that have become available, I thought it would be a good time to write a panui and discuss what it means to be a board member.

As Chairperson it is a privilege to serve our community in this way and help ensure a safe and inviting school for our children to attend. Our BOT have achieved so much in the last fifteen months and have clear goals and future plans for our school that I remain committed to being involved moving forward, even though some weeks the workload can consume a lot more time than I signed up for- as is the case with all board positions.

Since joining the Board and becoming Chairperson in May 2021 here are some of the things we have done:

  • Tidied up the back road entrance, surveyed and negotiated the boundary lines with the neighbors, erected a security fence between the neighbors and a new road fence, Sponsored in part by Goldpine and Farmlands.

  • Erected a new bus entrance gate and had the road markings repainted at the corner of Church & Coleridge Street

  • Installed a new driveway and parking area at the school house

  • Supported the Principal Staff and Students through many issues around Covid19, Ministry demands and lack of support to schools (ongoing feedback and procedure changes being driven by Lauriston at Ministry level in the way rural schools are supported/or not supported through many challenges).

  • Involved and supportive of the school appointment process in filling vacant staff positions and the changing of some roles within the school.

  • Analysis of student achievement levels and competency in all aspects of their school involvement, enabling strategic planning meetings with staff and board combined for the each twelve month period (another meeting on this due this October) as part of our ongoing 3 year strategic planning process. There is a strong relationship between BOT and Staff-having established a culture of relational trust and clear insight into the realities and demands of education today.

  • Employment of BOT funded Reading Recovery and Junior School Years 1-3 Literacy support teacher in 2022.

  • Assisting Staff implement many types of local and strategic curriculum and allocating funding to best practice and results in student learning. The BOT has invested $10,000 into Staff PLD in 2022 and a further $10,000 into Structured Literacy resourcing and PLD across the whole school.

  • Increased the number of BOT funded Digital Devices in our school to an almost 1:1 Ratio including the introduction of classroom Flip Boards for all teaching staff in 2022. Lauriston School is a pilot school for New ERA IT, Samsung and Canterbury Schools with a PLD workshop being hosted at Lauriston School for teachers across Canterbury at the end of August.

  • Ensure Principal is able to remunerate support staff according to Ministry Guidelines and annual appraisal cycles through the process of regular review-leading to pay increases that reflect the work these staff members do to add value to our school.

  • Worked in with LSS to enhance the experience for students and whanau, with many amazing assets brought in to support the wellbeing of our students, while adding opportunity for whanau to engage in partnership with the school through a variety of platforms and avenues. Playground area, swing, swimming pool liner, 2022 Vision Map just to name a few projects achieved through partnership together in our school….THANK YOU LSS!

  • Pushed back on the Ministry imposed enrolment zone and set up our own bus runs which are 50/50 parent school funded for the Mitcham road and North of Ashburton area. This bus now has 18% of our school roll on it which ensures our school remains constant when it comes to teacher numbers and funding. It represents a future proofing of our school strategically as we mitigate the impacts of our new enrollment zone which came into effect 25 July 2022. An update on this will be shared with our community by 1 September, 2022.

There are so many challenges in running a school and getting all the requirements of the Ministry and the community to balance and be current, that it takes a lot of dedication from the board members and so the only agenda you enter the board meetings with is that of “What’s best for our students”. I feel that our previous board of Malcom Cairns, Richie Owen, Heni Raroa, Wendy Atkinson and Colin Brodie need to be thanked for their efforts during a relatively tough period of Covid19 lockdowns and the many other demands we have faced along the journey. I need to also acknowledge, recognise and thank Shun Koizumi as an outgoing past member of the Lauriston School BOT. Shun served our school for the full 3 year term and his input in helping to guide the BOT and Staff through policy and procedure reviews over this time was highly valued; his perspective as an educator helped provide a bridge of understanding between our communities' understanding of education and the world of education as it actually stands today. We thank you for your genuine aroha and kindness Shun-we farewell you reluctantly from our team!

Equally, I would like to thank those that have been nominated and duly elected moving forward into the next three year chapter of our school’s governance: To Malcolm Cairns, Richie Owen, Natalie Lochhead, Heni Raroa and to our newly elected staff representative Georgie Turpie, I wish to thank you all for putting your hand up for our school and our community as the stewards or kaitiaki of our Laurisaton Board of Trustees.

We will be undertaking an induction process/procedure update session with Tom Scollard, Ministry School/NZSTA support advisor early in Term 4 that we will open to all members of the community on the workings of a school board.

I think anyone who may be interested in meeting procedure and want a better understanding of the requirements and limitations of a school board -governance not management- or indeed for anyone on the LSS committee who would get a lot out of this meeting.

Things on the to do list for 2022/23:

  • Toilets behind Mt Hutt and Mt Harper for Years 2 and 3, we have secured as a donation from the council 4 wheelchair access toilets of which we will look as a joint LSS and School project to get two in position and working as soon as possible.

  • Upgrade of the School House. We are lucky to have the principal we have and his living on site is a huge benefit to our school. The house has not had money spent on its upkeep for many years while generating income from rent. We are re-appropriating those funds into doing up that school asset as we would to any classroom in a worn state. In the same vein we are future proofing the house should we ever need to attract another principal in the future.

  • We are negotiating with the Ashburton district council the sealing of Church Street, building of a footpath and parking area and storm water drainage away from the bus parks plus a speed restriction on that street and others around the school. It is early days but watch this space.

  • Building a stage and outdoor education area plus developing the back field into a more user friendly space-Vision Map 2022.

  • Rural School’s Improvement Project 2024-The BOT is working with the Ministry of Education and Logic to improve our schools existing infrastructure which sits outside of the normal Ministry Funded 5 Year school property funding.

We are a progressive culturally supportive and aware school, so no matter what your heritage is, we will have a spot for you to celebrate and educate others in our first Festival of Culture in September. Please come down and meet your board there. We would enjoy the chance to hear from you, but in the meantime think about who you feel may best fit the positions available on the board and please use your vote to continue to empower our students and sustain the work that goes on behind the scenes to polish the gem that Lauriston School represents for our community.


BOT Presiding Member

Birthday Celebrations

WE have just the one birthday this week and that is Isobel Davey who will turn 11 on Thursday 25th August - we hope you have a very happy day Isobel!

School Speech Finals

This Friday we have our School Speech Finals starting at 10.45 in the Lauriston Hall. All are welcome to come and watch. If your child makes this final you will be notified later today by your child’s classroom teacher. The winner of each category (Year 0-2, Year 3-4, Year 5-6) will go through to the Cluster competition here at Lauriston next Tuesday 30th August starting at 7pm.

Upcoming Events

  • Snow Sports Programme - 6th & 13th September
  • Whole School Ski Day - 24th August
  • Whole School Speech Finals - 26th August
  • Cluster Speech Finals @ Lauriston -30th August
  • Yr 5 & 6 Rotary Speech Finals - 7th September
  • Zone Winter Tournament - 15th September
  • BOT Meeting 7pm - 19th September
  • Opuke Cultural Festival - 22nd September with PP 23rd
  • Pet Day - End of Term Three - 30th September


This Friday the canteen will be doing the spaghetti toasties that were meant to happen last week so if you have already placed your order you will receive them this Friday. If you have not yet placed an order and would like one, please bring your order along with money to school on Thursday.


Number of toasties @ $1.50 each________________

Gluten free option ___________________

No cheese option ___________________

Vegan option__________

Total amount of money $___________

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