D&D Law Firm

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Welcome to D&D Law Firm! Here we aim to give you the best experience with a 100% guarantee your case will win!

Here's How It Works:

First, we will file a complaint for you, the plaintiff.

If you do not wish to have a trial and would just like a settlement, a mediation or arbitration can be set up with the plaintiff and defendant.

If you do desire a trial, the defendant is sent a summons to appear in court at a given date and time, and is required to send back a pleading.

After that, it's our job to find preponderance of evidence and information that supports your case.

Before the trial, there may be a pretrial conference held to help you prepare for trial. If not, the trial will be held and both the defendant and the plaintiff will state their cases. After a bit of review, the court will issue a verdict.

If you do not receive the verdict you desire, it is possible to make an appeal to a higher court to have your case reviewed.

We at D&D Law Firm want you to have the least stressful experience you can. So come to us with your problems and we'll guarantee to fix them!