Electrostatic Forces And Fields

Alisha Gonzales 1st Period

Cathode Ray

A Cathode Ray Is A That Had A Vacuum With Nothing Inside Of It. There Is Nothing Inside That Will Conduct Electricity. When You Put A Magnet To The Ray, If You Apply The Negative Side Of The Magnet, The Stream In The Ray Will Bend Down Or Be Repealed. If The Positive Side Is Applied To The Ray, The Stream Will Bend Up Or Be Attracted

The Properties Of Electorstatice

Conductors- Its a material that allows electricity to flow through it. Some metals are good conductors, its because they have free electrons in high energy levels.

Insulators-its a material that doesn't allow electricity to flow though it. Its because they don't have a free electrons

Dielectrics-Any insulators that carry an electric fields on it. Some examples of dielectrics are plastic and glass

Electric vocabulary - James Sheils

What Is Electrostatic?


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