Digital Citizenship

How to be safe on the Internet!

Everybody Loves The Internet!

The Internet is awesome! You can play fun games and watch funny videos with friends! But, the internet can be a dangerous place if you dont know how to be a good Digital Citizen! This poster will tell you everything you need to know to be safe on the internet!

9 Steps to Being a Good Digital Citizen

  1. Remember, not everybody has the same technology you do. If you have a cool new technology toy be sure to share it!
  2. When you want to buy a toy online make sure you do it with your parents. Shopping online is a cool and easy way to shop but you need to make sure you do it smart!
  3. Talking to friends online is fun! But remember, even though you can't see the person your words can still hurt. Be smart when you are communicating online.
  4. There is so much technology to use sometimes it seems like we will never be able to learn about all of it! If you ever have a question about how to use technology just ask your teacher! He or she will love to help you!
  5. Remember the Golden Rule, treat others the way you want to be treated. That applies for online too!
  6. Did you know there are laws for what you do online? Make sure you pay for everything you buy and if you use someone else's work to help you, give them credit! If you ever aren't sure about something just ask a responsible adult!
  7. It is your right to speak your opinion online. But remember, just because you can't see the person you're speaking to doesn't mean your words won't hurt! Always be nice and respectful online.
  8. Remember to take time away from your technology and go outside and play! Computer games are fun but so is playing outside with friends!
  9. Keep your information safe! Ask your parents and make sure you have virus protection and back-ups of information! If you aren't sure you have that, just ask!
Oversharing - Digital Citizenship

The Internet is a great way to learn!

There are lots of cool ways to learn online. You can video chat your teacher, talk about hard homework with friends, or watch a video talking about that thing in class you just didn't quite understand. Use these great tools! But remember to be safe when using them!

Super Digital Citizen

After you watch this video, think about how you can be a super digital citizen. You might not be able to fly but you can still save the day!

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