Baseball vocabulary

Evan Dobbs

BaseBall terms

Ace: A team's best starting controller

Around the Horn: A double play that goes around from third base to second base to first base.

Bag: a base

Bang-bang play: a play where the runner hit's the bag a moment before the ball, or vice versa

Bronx cheer: Wen the crowd boo's.

Can of Corn: An easy catch by the fielder.

Cheese: a good fastball

Circus catch: and outstanding catch by a fielder.

Dinger: A home run

Dish: home plate

Closer: A team's relief pitcher that finishes, or "closes" the game.

Hill: pitcher's mound

Hot corner: third base

in the hole: the batter after the on-deck hitter.

Mendoza line: a batting average around .200

pickle: when a batter is trapped between two bases as the two basemen throw the ball back and forth.

punchout: a strike out.

rhubarb: a fight or scuffle.

tool's of ignorance: a catcher's equipment.

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