King Arthur and Modern Day Heroes

What do they have to do with each other?

King Arthur

Since it is very hard to prove the existence of King Arthur, it seems only logical to believe that King Arthur was an inspirational character in many literary tales through history. King Arthur inspired many readers to believe in good kings, courageous knights, chivalrous men, and magic. The stories of King Arthur took readers to an exciting utopia and allowed them to escape their everyday ordinary and disappointing life.

Modern Day Heroes

In today's society there are numerous Hero's to inspire readers and viewers. There are companies dedicated to create inspirational characters such as Marvel and DC comics. There are countless numbers of super heroes such as Captain America, Iron Man, Spider Man, Wonder Woman, etc. The list never ends. They are created for the soul purpose of providing inspiration to readers along with entertainment.

What does King Arthur and Modern Super Heroes Have in Common?

King Arthur and modern day super heroes such as Captain America and many more tell a story. A story telling of courageous acts and people that are more courageous then others and are natural born leaders. Both stories were made to provide entertainment and inspiration to the readers and many people know of King Arthur and many of the modern super heroes. The connection between the two is rather obvious, the only difference is the thousands of the years between the two types of stories. No matter what year or day and age a story is from they are made to tell a good story to the readers.