The Lincoln Room

By Haley Dixon

Lincoln Bedroom Facts

  • its on the second floor of the white house

  • the bed was used by Lincoln himself

  • The room is best known as a guest room used by presidents to reward friends and political supporters.

  • a holograph copy of the Gettysburg Address is displayed on the desk. This copy is the only one of five that is signed, dated, and titled by Lincoln.

  • In 2004, the White House announced that it would redecorate the Lincoln Bedroom to freshen it up and even restore the bed with a canopy just like the original put away decades ago.
  • It was named the Lincoln Bedroom in 1945
  • The chandelier, which was acquired in 1972, resembles the one hanging there when Lincoln was president.

Materials Used for my arrangement:

Master Garden Flower food, Floral knife, Stem Stripper, water, floral cloth.

This is my arrangement

My mass flower is a pink rose.