Leap into Literacy

March/April: Grade 3

Reading: Engagement Inventories

The following information is taken from Jennifer Serravallo’s book Teaching Reading in Small Groups.

As we all know… When conferencing with children, a teacher’s dream is for the rest of his/her students to be engaged in reading. Unfortunately, a quiet room does NOT mean that students are engaged in reading. Sometimes it just means that students are day dreaming about recess quietly! :)

Engagement Inventories are used to:

  • determine what types of things distract a student from reading.

  • determine how many minutes a child can stay focused on a book (stamina).

  • determine if the student is turning pages at an acceptable pace.

  • are the child’s eyes on the printed page?

Persuasive Writing

As you launch this unit of persuasive writing, you may find that your students struggle to identify topics they feel strongly about. Below is a list of prompts that can guide writers to take a stand on an issue and begin developing their opinions and claims. Discover ways to further support students as they “learn the language of persuasion” by visiting the Two Writing Teachers blog.

Speaking and Listening: