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March 2019

Dear CGSD Community,

In this edition of the CGSD Newsletter, we highlight, among other awesome activities, the #takeovertuesday initiative at CGHS. A student-centered experience, #takeovertuesday uses @cgpantherpride social media to provide a glimpse into a day in the life of a CGHS student. Those chosen are given an iPad for the entire school day (see pic below) to snap pictures and videos as their experiences unfold, sharing with our viewing audience the twists and turns that inspire them to grow socially, emotionally and academically. With the support of our teachers and administrators, we believe #takeovertuesday is a great way to connect with the community and showcase the amazing opportunities available at CGHS from the most important perspective of all - the students! A video sample can be found here:

School Performance Reports Released:

In other important news, the NJ Department of Education has published the 2017-18 School Performance Reports on the NJDOE website and These reports contain valuable information that can be used to start conversations about our strengths and areas that need improvement, as well as compare us to other schools, districts and to statewide results.



Michael J. Fetherman


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March is Music in our Schools Month and at CGHS, our music teacher, Jennifer Jessen-Foose and her team started off the month with another fantastic musical production of Curtains! Across the nation, schools are celebrating music in school through a variety of unique activities. At CGHS, the students participated in a daily-themed spirit week, members of the Tri-M Music Honor Society shared music quotes during morning announcements, and students organized a "Did You Know?" about faculty surrounding topics of music.

Music Matters is a family-school organization supporting the music program at Cedar Grove High School. We work with the students and teachers to partner with and support community events and organizations in our wonderful town. Our 2018-19 theme is “It Takes Two!” and we are enjoying incorporating this theme into many of our music department activities throughout the year.

Please visit CGHS Music Matters online at:

On Facebook: CGHS Music Matters

On Instagram: cghsmusic

On Twitter: @cghs_Music

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The CGSD District Advisory Committee, through the generous assistance of the CG Education Association and the NJEA, hosted a dinner and discussion on the district homework policy. Participants were asked to consider the role homework plays in education and provide suggestions for improving our HW policy. Thank you to all who attended!

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The mission of the Cedar Grove Education (CGEF) is to enrich and enhance the educational experiences of Cedar Grove students above and beyond the scope of the curriculum and to provide lifelong learning opportunities for the entire community.

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