Dynamic Broncos Weekly Update

November 3rd - 7th


I hope everyone had a lovely weekend and enjoyed the cooler autumn weather. We have a busy week ahead of us in third grade. Please continue reading to find out more about what's coming up this week.

Reading Workshop

At the end of last week we began our new chapter book read aloud, Because of Winn Dixie by Kate DiCamillo. This week we will discuss ways that readers put themselves in a character's shoes.

Ask your Dynamic Bronco about their reading companion. Last week, each child had a chance to interview their new reading partner about their reading histories, reading interests and reading goals. At the end of each Reading Workshop we have been chatting with our partners about the books we are reading.

Writing Workshop

Each writer in our class has now selected a seed idea from the many stories they have been collecting in their Writing Notebooks. Ask your child about what story they have selected to grow into a published book.

We will be taking these seed stories and growing them into incredible books over the next weeks. Today we started working on the strategy of rehearsing our stories by story telling them to our writing partner, over and over, adding more detail each time we tell the story.


Tomorrow is our vocabulary assessment for Unit 3. Please help your child study their words for homework tonight. Here is the website, in case you haven't bookmarked it yet - http://www.sadlierconnect.com/@1057018


We will begin our next spelling sort on Wednesday. We are aiming to have the videos explaining each group's sort, posted on our third grade Vimeo page by Tuesday evening. You will receive an email when they are ready to be viewed. The children will receive their sorts on Wednesday. For homework Wednesday the children will need to view their group's video, practice the sort on their own and write it into their Spelling notebooks. We will have an assessment on these words at the end of next week.


This week we will begin Unit 2, Chapter 4 in math. The focus of this chapter will be adding whole numbers. Some highlights include, learning about addition properties (commutative, zero and associative), estimation, regrouping ones, tens and hundreds, adding three and four digit numbers and choosing effective strategies to problem solve. As part of this unit the children will be working hard on building their fact fluency. I will be sending out a list of games and apps that will help support this work.


This Thursday, November 6th, will be our song quiz. Students can choose between the chorus of Los caminos de la vidaand Ropa de colores. Please check our website for lyrics to both songs and the video for Los caminos de la vida.

Hands for Hope

Monday, Nov. 3rd, 8am to Tuesday, Nov. 18th, 4pm

1112 W 31st St

Austin, TX

Hands for Hope, is El Buen Samaritano’s largest annual community event raising

awareness of a serious issue in our own city: hunger. The event gathers donations of

the traditional foods served during Thanksgiving and distributes them to underserved

families in Austin for Thanksgiving celebrations in their own homes.

Third grade families are asked to donate canned corn or green beans (low sodium preferred)

Veteran's Day Assembly

Friday, Nov. 7th, 8am

Nazro Hall

All are welcome!

23rd Annual Austin Powwow & American Indian Heritage Festival

Saturday, Nov. 8th, 9am-10pm

Toney Burger Center 3200 Jones Road, Sunset Valley, Texas

This is sure to be an exciting event that ties in with our study of the Lakota.

Read more about this event by following this link: http://www.austinpowwow.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/2014-Austin-Powwow-Flyer.pdf

Many thanks to all of our parent volunteers for putting together a fantastic Halloween Celebration for the Dynamic Broncos!

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