The Ohm's Law

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The Ohm's Law

The Ohm's Law was named after Bavarian mathematician and physicist Georg Ohm.

Information of Ohm's Law

The Ohm's Laws is made up of three mathematical equations which are V is for voltage measured in volts, I is current measured in amperes that relates to the pressure of voltage, and there is R for resistance measured in ohms.

How to use the Ohm's Law

Easy Ohm's Law Tutorial: Neuroscience and Cardiac Physiology physics application

ohm's Law equation

As an equation, as an algebraic recipe for calculating the current if the electric potential difference and the resistance are known. Yet while this equation serves as a powerful recipe for problem solving, it is much more than that.

What I Think about Ohm's Law

The Ohm's Law has a formula that is easier to solve for the resistance , voltage ,and current. And it doesn't take that long to solve a problem, It's basically just multiply or divide the known and what number you get will be the unknown.