Finals Week Events

or your guide to free food this week

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Brain Food

Monday, Dec. 7th, 7:45pm to Friday, Dec. 11th, 10:15am

220 Grove Avenue

Prescott, AZ

Brought to you again by SUB brain food will be provided in the Cafe every day this week. Get it while it's there. One wave of food goes out around 7:45 and the next around 10. Be sure to thank SUB and the Cafe.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

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Check your mail!

Chocolate and Condoms! Some one you received a bag of chocolate and condoms from SUB. Sorry we didn't quite have enough for everyone. Remember, if you're giving a package this season, be sure its wrapped. ;)
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Living in Housing? Here's a few things just for you...

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