Third Grade Newsletter

What are we learning the week of February 15th - 19th?

Writing and Grammar

-Expository Writing: "Why is your individual important to society?"


- Fables, Folktales, Fairy Tales


-CV/VC Syllables

Social Studies

-Introduce/Create Artifacts


-Structure of Solar System (cont)


-Area & Perimeter

Third Grade "Through the Decades" Gallery

We need your help in providing materials for the children to create artifacts for the museum. The supplies that you send in will benefit multiple children, as the grade level is sharing these materials. Thank you for your support!​

Please remember to mark your calendars for Cottonwood's Open House on Thursday, March 10th. This exciting night will begin at 5:00, and it is mandatory that your child arrive at that time to participate in the Through the Decades "gallery". This will occur for about 20 minutes, and then we encourage you and your child to focus on other projects for the remainder of the evening.

"Through the Decades" Button Designing Contest!

Your child will be bringing home a template for our exciting new contest! The template consists of a circle that they are to decorate using the following requirements.

This must be submitted to your child's teacher by Wednesday, February 17th!

  • Use vibrant colors

  • Must include the title on button (Through the Decades)

  • Write neatly with correct spelling

  • Show creativity in your design

Book Fair is Coming Soon!

Our next book fair is approaching, and it will take place February 22nd-26th!

Upcoming Dates

Feb 15th-No School-this is a staff development day

March 10th- “Through the Decades” Museum/Gallery. Your child will be dressed as a docent (Sunday Best) at school this day. Learners will be presenting their knowledge to the school during the day. Your child and you will also be coming back to school that night for Open House. They need to be back at school at 5:00 dressed and ready for the “museum.” They will be showing their learning to the parents from 5:00-5:20 then they will have the opportunity to show you other work/projects.

March 25th- No school (It is a weather day make up day, but as of now we will not be having school)

March 29th- Third Grade Field Trip (A letter will be coming home soon with more information about this upcoming field trip). We will need 4 chaperones for each class, so please be thinking if you would like to be a chaperone.

April 28th- Third Grade Musical-Ms. Meador is in charge of this. I will let you know if I hear anything about a costume or what they will need to wear. If you have any questions, please direct them towards Ms. Meador at

February Birthdays


Josh- February 2nd

Jace- February 8th

Trevor- February 13th




Faith- February 18th




Sydney- February 8th

Rachel- February 11th

Reagan- February 21st

Yuki- February 24th

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