Keep Calm and Teach On

Important Dates-February 1, 2016

Feb. 1-5 National Counselors Week

Feb. 2

Writing CBA #1>3rd grade

DML Meeting-PMC

Feb. 3

D-Hall 4th grade supervises

Feb. 4

Faculty Meeting=TELPAS Training (only for those KH has indicated)

Feb. 5


Feb. 8

Ends Reading 3-D Window

Feb. 9

Math DBA #1>5th grade (if involved in testing you may wear jeans)

Feb. 10

Writing DBA #2>4th grade (if involved in testing you may wear jeans)

Data Analysis Reading 3-D>Kindergarten-2nd

D-Hall 3rd grade supervises

Feb. 11

TEA Time for K-2 (changed from Feb. 4th)

Faculty Meeting=STAAR Security

Feb. 12

District Georgraphy Bee=9:45 AM

On-Line Basic Training for TELPAS due today

Valentine Parties>2:00-2:45 PM


Feb. 15

Begin collecting writing samples for TELPAS

3:15 PM TELPAS Collaboration in the Computer Lab C5>all teachers involved in TELPAS

Feb. 16

First Year Teacher Academy

Data Analysis Math DBA #1>5th grade

Feb. 17

D-Hall supervised by 2nd grade

Feb. 18

Priority Meeting>Kindergarten-2nd, 3rd, 4th

Faculty Meeting--ELP's

PTA/Variety Show-Art Extravaganza 6:00-7:30 PM

Feb. 19

Social Studies CBA #1>4th and 5th grades


Feb. 22

Data Analysis Writing CBA #1>3rd grade

Leadership Meeting=3:10 PM D. Day's Office

Feb. 23

Tutoring Session III Feb. 23-May 4

Science CBA #2>3rd and 6th-Day 1

Science CBA #3>4th grade

Reading DBA #1>5th grade (if involved in testing you may wear jeans)

Parenting Partners -6:00-7:00 PM

Feb. 24

Science CBA #2 Day 2>6th grade

Feb. 25

Faculty Meeting=Goal Teams

Feb. 26

Radical Roadrunner Rally=8:30 AM

Noon Dismissal/1/2 day Workday

Grades due by 4:00 PM

End of 4th Six Weeks


Feb. 29

Begin 5th Six Weeks

Book Fair-Feb. 29-Mar. 4

Data Analysis Social Studies CBA #1>4th grade

TC Meeting=3:10 PM Conference Room

Mar. 1

Dr. Seuss's Read Across America>8:00-9:00 AM

Data Analysis Science CBA #1/#2>5th and 3rd grades

Data Analysis Writing DBA #2>4th grade

Mar. 2

Data Analysis Reading DBA #1>5th grade

D-Hall supervised by Kindergarten

Mar. 3

TEA Time>3rd-6th

Data Analysis Science CBA #2/#3>4th and 5th grades

Report Cards Go Home

Faculty Meeting-Depth & Complexity part 2

Mar. 4

TELPAS Writing Samples due

Important Information

*Attendance now counts in for our STAAR Report Card.

*There are 3 large library book shelving units available. If you have room and would like to have one for your room please let me know.

-Is your website up to date. Please make sure it is updated weekly with all new information.

--Intradistrict /Interdistrict Transfers

--Intradistrict Transfers from January 4 - February 29, 2016

--Interdistrict Transfers application is available at the HEB ISD Administration Bldg.

--Lesson Plan requirements> Your lesson plans must have P(Learning Objective)DSA, Language Objective (from ELPS),

Quality Questions and High Yield Strategies.

-Reminder: If you are going to be absent you must call 817-894-5954 after you have requested a sub. Please make your arrangements in the sub system prior to 6:45 AM.

-Reminder: Turn a hard copy of your lesson plans to Rebecca on Friday by the end of the day or Monday AM for special education.

If you are going to be absent please put in the sub-finder system before 6:45 AM and call me at 817-894-5954.

--Teachers must not be using personal cell phones during the school day. Cell phones should be locked up during the day, not on your person.

--Make sure that you are entering your grades with-in three days of the assignment.

--You MUST take the attendance twice—one at 8:00 AM and one at the 9:45 AM. This is a state law and it can be seen by the auditors and district personnel.

--Reminder>please be sure to check out in the office if you leave the building during the school day.

--Please keep Thursday afternoons open for Faculty Meetings.


*The Kindergarten Team Rocks!

*Mallory Scott has a positive impact on the kids. They look forward to her lunch groups every week.

*V. Phillips, we appreciate you for always having the computers on and ready for students in the morning computer lab.

*D. Montalvo for helping with planning reading and always sharing materials.

*S. Rose-works with students in push in subjects fabulously, takes initiative and adds to the student's learning experience.

*C. Cresswell for working so hard to help our speech kiddos.

*T. Loya for always taking the time to work with all students to create positive interactions.



Madison V. 2nd

Stacy H. 9th

Dedra S. 10th

Nancy B. 12th

Debby D. 13th

Natalia P. 24th