Wise Homestay Manager

Please take a look at the features of our new software!

Program Information:

This program will eliminate double bookings for groups, give you the capability to notify us when you wish to go on vacation or take a break from hosting, special features allow you, the family, to let us know how things are going in your home by logging on to the system and make comments and you may also make direct changes to your family’s profile.

For host families this means:

  • Fewer human errors - This system ensures that there are very minimal mistakes made due to typos / misinformation / outdated info
  • Real-time updates - Instant emails or texts to inform you if there is a change in pickup time for your student(s), a UC Davis scheduled trip is running behind, etc.
  • Personalization - Advanced features allow host families to update their own profile information; new pets, family additions, rooms available, etc.
  • PAYMENT - This program will allow WISE to speed up and ensure accuracy in the stipend payment process. By implementing Homestay Manager we are now able to make it faster, easier and more efficient!