Dark Life

By Kat Falls made in 2010

This book Dark Life is a futuristic science book where some people live underwater because the water is rising and the world is going underwater while a gang of bad guys are underwater and kill and sink houses.
The man event is when they 1. found the submarine full of blood

2. When Ty saw Shade.

3.When they went into the seablte prison.

They have more problem's but I do not want to include all of them because that would take forever.

In the story Dark Life they have many different themes including friendship survival and action. One example for action is when Ty see shade and has to swim away as fast as he can and shade has a manta board but Ty gets away. A scene for survival is the same scene of him escaping him and also running out of liqidgien. A scene for friendship is when he help Gemma find her brother even if it was useless

My personal opinion of the book is that I like the book just I wished that in the end shade died because what was the point if hunting him if they will let him live it is just unbelievable.

If you want to read the next book in the series then the book is called riptide.

Thank you for reading

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