The Condorcet Method

By: Haley and Hannah

Condorcet Method

This is determining the winner of each of the possible one-on-one election among the candidates. The Condorcet winner is the candidate that beats all of its opponents.


If you are trying to figure out who won apples , bananas, carrot, or dates you have to compare them and see how many votes there are.

# of votes-----------preference order

17 a>b>c>d

11 b>c>d>a

8 d>c>a>b

5 a>c>d>b

2 d>a>b>c

Now you have to compare them.

a vs. b

a vs. c

a vs. d

b vs. c

b vs. d

c vs. d

if you compare a of them you would see that:

a beats b, a beats c, a beats d, b beats c, b beats d, and c beats d.

from this information you are able to tell that a is the Condorcet winner because it beat all of its opponents.