by Madison Chace


Hurricanes are tropical cyclones that occur in the Atlantic and eastern pacific oceans.They usually go by 15 or more miles(which is a lot)and bring destruction as it passes.Some even go to 100-200 miles!If you view hurricanes by looking up it looks like a doughnut.The reason is that the hurricane circles and in in the middle is a hole which is called the eye.The eve typically ranges around 20 miles,but there have been bigger like 40-80 miles.


It causes major destruction,because the wind is so strong.The wind is strong enough to destroy houses,buildings,and kill people or badly injure.

How it is made and what it is made of

It is formed by moisture going up in the air.The type of cloud is cumulonimbus clouds.


Thank you for your attendance,I hope I helped you learn more about the destructive doughnut(hurricane)
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