September/October, 2015

There is nothing Batty about it....Data Teams are Where It's At!

Research from John Hattie tells us that we are doing lots of things RIGHT! Some of the most effective practices include:

Providing students with feedback

Goal setting

Data Team meetings

Small class sizes/small groups

Did you Know?

Moving schools several times has a very negative effect on a student's achievement, but research shows that if the student makes one good friend in the first month, much of this can be reversed!

*We will look at a slideshow which further illustrates this at our data team meeting!

Forms, Forms, Forms!

For your viewing pleasure ( and to be reviewed in data teams):

The following can be found in the Data Teams Folder on Google Drive

  • Role Expectations and Mission Statement 2015
  • High Functioning Data Team Checklist
  • Tiered Literacy Interventions
  • SSD Special Education Continuum
  • Decision Making Rubric
  • Examples of Multiple Sources of Data

Lots of Resources can be found on SSD Life:{9C631C79-593D-4EDB-9889-E060388B21C7}


SSD Life ->Continuous Improvement (on left side of screen)->Scroll down to Progress Monitoring/Data Teams


Math and Language Arts, organized by grade level and skill, Common Core Aligned

Research Based Strategies

Education related news - this article explores the different types of learners we encounter