August News & Recognition

Team BeHOOTiful

Hey ladies! I can't believe it's already August! Where has the summer gone?!? As a designer, you better rest up now, your busy season is about to explode! ;-) How is your calendar looking for the fall months? Hopefully by now, you have had the time to find at least 1-2 vendor shows to participate in. This ensures that you are able to reach a new customer base that you would never get into. Set a fall goal now. How do you plan to reach your goal...Vendor shows? Home Jewelry Bars? Fundraisers? Fall Jewelry Bar launch party? Or a little of everything? Just make sure that you are running your business and your business is not running you.

We have added 10 new members to Team BeHOOTiful in July alone! Way to rock your businesses ladies! Another woman in direct sales once told me something and it has stuck!

"A designer can easily pay a car payment every month but a leader can pay a house payment."

If you are looking to pay your house payment every month, having a team is the way to go. Do you want a team but can't find anyone to join? Do you share the opportunity with everyone you meet or with every friend who mentions she needs extra money? You would be surprised who will join your team if you just show them how easy it is. Another great resource you can use at jewelry bars is the new O2 Experience card that can be found in the back office or the google drive. It can help you gauge if the guest has any interest AT ALL of holding a jewelry bar and/or becoming a designer!!

If you do not have access to the google drive, please send me your gmail address and I will get you added. This drive does require a gmail account. It would benefit you immensely to make one just so you have access to all the pictures, letters and any back office made file.

If you need anything, do not hesitate to contact me. Texting me (703-282-4915) is by far the easiest way to get in contact with me, but facebook, email and calling works too!

Enjoy the last remaining weeks of summer!


Recognition! HOOT HOOT!!!

Whoo's Growing Their Teams?

As the nest adds 2,000 new designers every week, expect to see more growing teams and a lot more promotions!!

Kyna Lunglhofer- 3

Lisa Cantrell- 2

Stephanie Blanchette- 1

Melissa Shaffer- 1

Whoo's Promoting?

Let's share all those promotions that you worked hard to get!!

Leading Designer

Lisa Cantrell

Kyna Lunglhofer

July Recognition

  • Top in Sales- Kimmy Ngo $1849.90 Way to go Kimmy!!!

Designers with over $500 in Personal Volume

Melissa Shaffer $900.40

Crystal Martinez $899.60

Patrice Hopkins $845.81

Kelly Sheldon $602.74

Desiree Toler $532.50

Teresa Hair $510.50

Patti Barita $501.40

August Incentive!!

There are three incentives that you can work towards this month! Who doesn't love something FREE!!!

Highest PV

Most # of parties- must use the party tab- doesn't matter the pv for each party!

Most designers added to team

What can you win? A Jewelry bar on the go bag, a Owl love bracelet or an owl pouch!

August Meeting

Wednesday, Aug. 21st 2013 at 7pm

11788 Clarks Mountain Rd

Bristow, VA

We will be discussing how to create different looks and how to increase jewelry bar sales! Designers and any potential DIW's are welcome!!

I am asking that every designer bring their favorite unique locket/chain combo!!

Meetings have been lasting around an hour and a half, but if you can only stay for 30 minutes, please still come!!

Team Lineage & My Contact Info

Team Lineage:

Heidi Russell- direct to corporate

Leslie Rhodes

Lisa Vining

Kristen Tuttle

Amy Homan