John Cabot


John Cabot was from Genoa, Italy. He was born with the name of Giovanni Caboto. He learned how to sail and navigate while working for a Venecian trading company. In the year 1495, Cabot moved to England and convinced Henry VII to fund his voyage to find a new water route to Asia. He allowed the English to lay claim to much of North America. His crew brought home 3 Inuit men, within a couple of years were dressed like Englishmen, speaking like Englishmen and convinced them that the native people of North America could be transformed into Englishmen. One day Cabot set sail for another voyage and was never heard from again.
John Cabot - Mini Biography

Cabot's Routes

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John Cabot was trying to find a shorter water route to Asia than what has already been discovered.


John Cabot sailed for King Henry VII and claimed land in his name in the Americas.