Where I Stand

Energy/Transportation/Health Promotion and Sport

The province of Ontario

Ontario is a great place and is one of the best places to live in Canada and is very popular place to live in. It has the highest population in all of Canada but that may not always be good for us. Here are some issues that Canada should fix to make life better for citizens of all ages.
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Nuclear energy was the highest amount of usage out of all the other energy resources that we use. Out of everything, The consumption of nuclear energy in Ontario is 59% according to a 2013 statistic chart. All this does is create more and more pollution and the people don't want this. We should try to use to more hydro energy even though we already use 23% we could still use more to save our Earth. If this keeps up, power bills will increase even more and a really fast rate and many people will complain about it. By using other methods for energy, if reasonable, Ontario will make its people happy by saving money and it can help the environment stay more clean.


Transpiration is a huge deal but mostly for the people who live in the southern part of Ontario. There is too much traffic and Ontario needs to do something about it. All the traffic is caused by rush hour which means that there are too many people living in one city or that a lot of people drive cars. For example, Markham always has traffic mostly on Highway 7 and Warden in the mornings and evenings because Markham has a big population and there is construction that has been going on for over a year now and it is just causing more trouble. Ontario needs better plans to improve transportation quality so citizens can stay safe and stay calm. There are multiple road closures every now and then and it is just an inconvenience. Just widening roads isn't going to solve the problem and we need better soultions

Health Promotion and Sport

Kids and adults need to participate in more sports or activities to stay active because it is one of the best things for their health. Sometimes kids aren't able to get these privileges because parents say that they have no time. This means that they are lazy or their work interferes with the schedules. Staying active is very important and everyone should be doing something everyday to stay in shape if possible. Staying active just makes people feel better and makes sure that their bodies aren't being strained. Ontario should try to make sure that kids in schools get their daily activity in whether its walking out in the neighborhood twice a week or making sure that everyone takes physical education for all years of school. Staying active will only make sure that people don't feel uncomfortable when actually doing other physically activities and will help them stay healthy for the better.