Water Everywhere

Water Shortage

What is the global water crisis?

Global water crisis leaves millions of people without safe water. it can be deadly,dangerous and can spread disease

How is water used across the world?

Water around the world is used a lot like 70% of the water is used for agricultural purpose, cooking food drinking and other things

What is a waterborne disease?

A waterborne is an Illnesses caused by microorganisms in untreated or contaminated water.

What effects of the water shortage?

The effects of water shortage is health, Hunger, Education and Poverty. Less water also means sewage does not flow, and mosquitoes are other insects breed on still (stagnant) dirty water . The result is the deadly malaria and other infections.

What can you do to help?

We can reduce the amount of water we use. For example we can turn off the water when we brush our teeth and turning it on when we are ready to use the water but we shouldn't be wasting a lot because even if you think it's not a lot it means so much to other people who don't have water.