Canada 2060 Assignment

What will Canada look like in 2060?

This is the assignment and an example? Whaaaaat?

What will Canada look like in 2060? We don't mean actually (she will look a bit older of course, but still great!). What we mean is, how will the demography of Canada change? What will our birth rate and death rate be? Will our immigrants come from the same countries as today? How will our First Nations community change? What challenges might Canada face? (wow, that's a lot of questions).

Here are the assignment requirements!

You will make a Smore (just like this one) in which you will outline your predictions for what Canada will "look" like demographically in the year 2060.

In your Smore you must:

  • Briefly outline the current Immigration, Demographic, and First Nations situation in Canada. What do the indicators tell us about each of these areas?
  • Predict what the birth, death, and natural increase rate (and other demographic indicators) will be in 2060.
  • Predict how immigration will change by 2060 using: country of origin, immigration rate, push and pull factors, and province of settlement.
  • Predict the future of First Nations communities in Canada.

You must support all of these predictions with a combination of your newfound demographic expertise and some quality research.

How are you going to do all of this?


Every good report starts with an introduction. A good introduction gives the reader an idea of what to expect in the report. What the main purpose of the report is, the general opinion of the writer, and what some of the arguments may focus on. Keep it brief but informative. You want to make sure that the reader will want to read on, so make the report sound appealing!


A report is not complete without text! Be sure to get to the point right away. This is your moment to show what you know about Canadian demography!

Remember, we are far more impressed with a student who applies their own thinking than one who tries to use the work of someone else as their own.

Divide your Smore into three distinct subtopics - Immigration, Demography, and First Nations. For each section be sure to provide a clear outline of the CURRENT situation AND your FUTURE predictions for each of these areas.

You must make at least ONE prediction for EACH of these subtopics. Make sure you reference any information that is not your own. It's okay to do that. If you are unsure of how to reference properly ask your teacher.

Don't overdo the text. Use subheadings, bullet points, and short passages to keep your Smore looking neat and easy to read.


Add maps, graphs, charts, and photographs to help illustrate your point.

Make sure that:

  • the visuals help support your point
  • you fully explain why they support your point, and
  • they come from a reputable source

I could use the Population Pyramid below to explain the impact of the "baby boomers" on Canada's demography in the year 2060.

You MUST include at least THREE visuals to help support your point. Choose wisely!

Big image


Find a short video clip that helps support your point of view. Make sure that the video is produced by a reputable source. Don't use another student's work here - the video must come from a trusted source so that we can be sure that the information is accurate!

But remember - don't just show us a video. Explain how it supports your point of view.

Check out the example below!

Cindy Blackstock discusses her work to empower First Nations youth


You are going to make a short audio clip using Soundcloud! In this audio clip you are going to answer the following question:

How will my life being different in the year 2060 (when you are 60 years old!) than the life my parents currently have in Canada?

Your audio clip can't be longer than 3 minutes - so rehearse your answer before you record! Once you have recorded your answer, embed the audio in your Smore. Check out the example below!


Canada in 2050? by Mr.Blackwood


Don't forget to add a concluding statement to your Smore. Re-state your main points and bring everything to a close.


Don't forget to let us know where you got all of your information. Use the MLA format (try your best to format it as close as possible, Smore doesn't allow for indentations).

Here's the rubric! Download is below!