By : Darrien Lee


Do you like drama books ? Books that are life related ? Ones that have teen drama . Well , Denim dairies series are for you ! It is about a girl named Demin and her struggles of being a teenager the lies , betrayal & guilt . It is very relatable , she is just like any other girl in high school . It begins with her and her sweetheart that's she's been in love with forever . They finally get together but her parents dislike him! But she is determined to get them on good terms. Later in the book , she sneaks out and goes to his party . Where there is a gang related shooting. She try's to go about her life but after that night more secrets come out from that night and people start to come into her life . She goes through a lot of trouble to help others and gets herself in some sticky situations . But in the end she gets through it all or so she thinks ...

I really enjoyed reading this book it is very relatable . Demin is so much like me always in other people's business and trying to help and save the world ! We never learn our lessons . I've also experienced the parents not liking my boyfriend and me trying to put them on the same page and on speaking terms . My favorite part was when Andre , Demin's boyfriend , came to her house and had a man to man talk with her father so that he could date her & then them finally accepting him . I loved this book it never got me bored it kept pulling me in getting my attention . I would only change the ending of this book .. But you have to read it to see what the out come is . I would recommend this book to any teenage girl in high school that lives drama and unexpected things to happen through out a book .

By: Destiny Foster

Darrien Lee

Darrien Lee started writing at age 11 . She lives in La Vergne TN . She has been awarded to be the two timing best seller for Essence Magazine Best-selling Author . She also is planning to release her 5th and 6th novels this year.