Smith Class Newsletter

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Red Ribbon Week Events:

Wednesday - Wear neon colors or mix match

Thursday - Wear a hat to school

On Friday, the students will participate in the Fall Festival Parade at 2:00pm on the soccer fields behind the school building. The students are invited to wear a school appropriate costume for this parade. Costumes should not be worn to school, but students will be given time in the afternoon to change. Please label all parts of the costume in order to help make sure all pieces are returned home.

This Week's Skills


Everyday Math Program - Unit 2: Number Stories and Arrays

  • Matching a picture with a division number story
  • Division Number Stories with Remainders
  • Division Arrays
  • Frames and Arrows

Unit 2 Math test on Thursday (11/5). Review will be coming home this Friday.

Fact Practice: 4x facts

Reading/Language Arts

Story: Rows and Piles of Coins

  • Comprehension Skill: Author's Purpose
  • Vocabulary Skill: Suffixes and Prefixes
  • Grammar Skill: Compound Sentences
  • Phonics / Spelling Skill: vowel sounds /ou/ /ow/ and /oi/ /oy/
  • Reading good habit: Making Connections

Family Times is due on Wednesday, November 4th

Science - The Solar System

  • Phases of the moon
  • Force of Gravity
  • Force of Friction


  • NO SCHOOL for students on Tuesday, November 3rd
  • Please return VIP folders with signed tests still inside the folder.
  • Library books are always due on Day 1
  • Fall Festival parade at 2:00pm on Friday, October 30th