Special Elementary Math Edition

5 Math Sites and Apps for Elementary Students

Blogger Richard Byrne was asked for what he considered to good math sites/apps for elementary kids. Below are the places he recommended on October 27, 2014, in

Freddy's Fractions

Freddy's Fractions is a free game from Math Chimp. In Freddy's Fractions students help a sea turtle named Freddy find fractions that are larger or smaller than the one that is presented at the beginning of each level. Freddy's Fractions is available to play in a web browser or iPad.

Patterns, Shapes, Distances and Counting

Peep and the Big Wide World has a collection of games, videos, and offline activities. There are fifteen online games available. The games cover skills like pattern recognition, color and shape recognition, distances, and counting.

Game for A, S, M and D

Math Slicer is an app in which students solve math problems, and then have to "slice the answer in half" in a given amount of time. The answer choices jump up on the screen and students have to slice them before they disappear. Students can select the type of problems that they want to practice--addition, subtraction, multiplication or division. Students can also select the speed with which the problems and answer choices appear on their screens.

100's of Math Problems for K-6

IXL Math Practice offers hundreds of math practice problems for students in Kindergarten through sixth grade. The practice problems are arranged according to grade level and mathematics skill. To find a set of practice problems, students select their grade level and then select a mathematics skill to practice.

Math Glossary

"Harcourt School Publishers offers a nice little visual glossary of mathematics terms for elementary school students. The glossary is arranged by grade level and then alphabetically by term. Each term has a simple image and or animation."