How To Handle Your ADDitude

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There are many features that the website offers. The first is that you can subscribe and receive the official ADDitude by email. The second feature is that there is a list of specialists that are in your area. Third is the articles that are listed to help you learn about ADD. Another feature is that it has a community, so you can find groups, blogs, and discussions so you know you are not on your own. These are only some of the features that are offered, if you want to find out more about them go to the website.


There are also a lot of benefits to the website. You can help educate yourself and children on ADD. It also helps you know what to look for symptom wise and how to diagnose it. It will also help you learn about how the ADD mind works, so that you know how to handle situations. It also helps you learn how to parent a child with ADD or how to parent if you have ADD. Another benefit is that you will learn how to help your child get through school, and what they might need in school, such as a 504 Plan, etc. It helps prepare you and your family for ADD.