Trip along the Fontanka river!

Get your unforgettable trip!

Saint Petersburg is famous for it's rivers. Isn't excluded that each river is worthy of the attention of tourists, but I think that you should start your journey on the rivers of St. Petersburg from the Fontanka river!

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What can you see, by spending time on the river?

Mikhaylovsky Castle

Take a walk along the Fontanka, you can see a fantastic and amazing panorama of St. Petersburg. The city's architecture impresses at first sight.

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This is the main sight of interest, which you can see during a trip along the Fontanka river. The construction takes a special place among the other buildings of St. Petersburg. This castle is famous for his mystery. The fact that there is a legend about the ghost of the king of Paul, who was killed in his bedroom.

It is crossings in other cities, but it is bridges in Saint-Petersburg only!

Traveling on the Fontanka shouldn't miss the opportunity to look on the famous bridges of the river!

Anichkov bridge

It is one of the first and one of the most famous bridges of St. Petersburg.

Statues of the horses of the bridge made of copper. One look at the Admiralty, and the other on the Rebellion Square.

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Great Mariinsky Theatre!

Floating along the river of Petersburg, you can watch sunsets and sunrises.There is possible infinitely travel the Fontanka and enjoy the beauty of the Northern Capital!

Everyone in St. Petersburg or tourist should see the Mariinsky Theatre, which is located on the banks of the river! This sight famous for its significance and luxury!

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There are many legends about Petersburg's bridges, because St. Petersburg is a city of bridges. Also, there are legends about the objects that are located on the river bank Why not to find out about these legends himself while walking along the Fontanka?