Jackson Journal

September 2017

Important Dates to Remember

All PTA orders and money have been submitted. When cookie dough and prizes arrive (in less than two weeks), a school messenger will be sent out. Make sure that your email address is updated! Don't miss out on the delivery date!

Friday, September 29

*Field Day (Parents - PTA will be selling t-shirts, pizza and water on this day! Bring cash! Make sure your child wears tennis shoes for the Olympics-themed day. Ceremonies will occur at 10:45, followed by lunch on the lawn. Kindergarten-1st grade games will occur at 9:00. Games for 2nd-5th will occur at 12:15.)

Monday, October 2

Flu shots

Wednesday, November 8

*System-wide career fair for all 4th graders

Field Day

Friday, Sep. 29th, 9am

600 Jackson Street

Kingsport, TN

Jackson T-shirts will be sold for:

Youth and Adult Small-XL - $10

XXL - $12

3X-5X - $14

Parents - Need lunch?

2 pieces of pizza and water - $4.00


Please bring exact change!

Please check with your child's teacher for field day times.

Counselor's Corner - Sibling Rivalry - What to do!?!

Is it possible that some degree of sibling rivalry is normal… and can actually provide opportunities for our kids to learn essential lifelong relational skills? Absolutely! But only as long as we have commonsense skills for ensuring that these conflicts don’t grow into chronic resentment, feelings of victimization, and constant family chaos. While the subject can be a complex one, here are four tips that can help keep the family atmosphere healthy:

Nurture each of your children’s unique strengths and gifts. When children are noticed and appreciated for their unique interests and aptitudes, they are less likely to perceive that their parents have “favorite” children. Of course, favoritism is the kiss of death when it comes to sibling relationships.

Provide strong and loving leadership. Love and Logic is all about helping parents become… and remain… loving and strong authority figures. Much of this is achieved by providing consistent and enforceable limits. When kids feel a lack of such leadership, they experience anxiety and subconsciously wonder, “Well… if our parents aren’t running this home, I better.” Chaos among siblings ensues as they compete for this leadership position.

Stay out of the middle, while guiding them toward solutions. Most of us struggle with the temptation to rescue our kids from each other by placing ourselves in the middle of their conflicts. When we succumb to doing so, we send an unhealthy message: “If you want some attention, all you have to do is start a fight with your brother or sister. Then I’ll swoop in to rescue.” Of course, we do rescue when life and limb are in obvious danger.

Use the “Energy Drain” technique to keep it their problem rather than yours.
We’ve received story after story of how parents have informed their children that bickering and arguing drains their parental energy. Of course, when this happens, kids are expected to replace this energy by completing extra chores, staying home from an activity so that their parents can rest instead of drive, etc.

While we can’t ensure that our kids always love and appreciate each other, we can create a home where it’s always in their best interest to work hard at doing so.

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