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Fight Stress with Stress Management Massage

Regular massage is the best option for managing stress. Persistent stress is the leading cause of physical and emotional problems. Elevated levels of the stress hormones affect the normal functioning of the body organs. Stress is associated with headache, hypertension, diabetes, heart problems, breathing difficulties, joint pain, anxiety and depression.

Managing stress is a major challenge for a large number of people who encounter stressful situations almost everyday. The best way to beat stress is to get a rejuvenating therapeutic massage. Researches suggest that massages help to reduce the level of the stress hormone cortisol. It helps to calm the mind and soothe the stressed muscles. The rejuvenating effect of therapeutic massage is also attributed to increase in production of neurotransmitters that help to improve mood.

Stress Management Massage

Swedish Massage

A full body Swedish massage is an excellent stress buster. The light rhythmic massage strokes help to relax the tired muscles of the body. By stimulating blood circulation and detoxification, the rejuvenating bodywork increases energy and stamina. You will feel refreshed and happy after receiving a Swedish massage.

Deep Tissue Massage

The slow massage strokes used for stimulating the deep tissues of the body provides relief from physical as well as emotional stress. This highly effective distressing strategy will help you to relax.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage is an effective stress management massage technique. Heated stones used in the massage therapy helps to relax the stressed and strained tissues of the body. The heat therapy combined with the soothing massaging strokes help to reduce stress in a short time.


An aromatherapy massage is an excellent relaxation strategy. It involves traditional body massage with essential plant oils. The molecules of the aromatherapy oil help to stimulate the limbic system. The limbic system controls the nervous system. Therefore, inhaling the fragrance of essential plant oils helps to reduce stress. Moreover, the massage therapy stimulates blood circulation and reduces tension.

Prenatal Massage

During pregnancy, stress is harmful for the health of the mother and the developing fetus. Regular therapeutic pregnancy massage is recommended for pregnant women. This effective stress management strategy provides respite from physical as well as emotional stress during pregnancy.


You can even fight stress with the help of reflexology. Applying pressure to the reflex areas of the feet helps to improve the function of the nervous system. By stimulating production of hormones that help to inhibit secretion of stress hormones, reflexology provides relief from stress.

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