Peach ISD Spring Newsletter


Get to know me

My name is Brina Coffman and I am a recent graduate of University of Houston with my Bachelor's degree in Human Development and Family Studies with certification to teach EC-6. In addition to my passion to teach other passions include traveling, reading, and cooking. I have many new ideas and lessons to bring to the classroom and I am excited to share them with my first grade students and parents. Together we will have an exciting and educational semester!

Classroom Rules

1.) Students are to respect one another and the teacher inside the classroom.

2.) Students need to raise their hand for any questions or comments.

3.) Students are to take care of classroom materials and resources at all times.

4.) When the teacher is talking all students are to be quiet until instructed otherwise.

5.) Students are to participate, share ideas, and thoughts throughout class discussions.

Outside Lesson Day

If the weather permits on Wednesday the class will be taught outdoors. We will be learning about the effects of gravity on objects. Demonstrations will be made using plastic rockets made out of water bottles, water, baking soda and vinegar. Students will learn how the combination causes the rocket to fly up ward but gravity will cause the rocket to eventually drop. Students will be encouraged to decorate their rockets using materials provided in the classroom. Parents are encouraged to ask their child what they learned about gravity and provide further examples.

Parent's Corner

I strongly encourage parent involvement in their child's academics as well as in the classroom. Parents are invited to be a part of the classroom by attributing to the classroom creative board. This board is decorated by parents and will include various pictures of their child's outside activities. During class discussion the students and I will take a look at the board and each child can discuss what they were doing in the picture. Parents are also encouraged to contact me through email if they would like to have a parent teacher conference. I will have portfolios prepared to discuss during the meeting about each child. All parents are welcomed!


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Show and Tell

It is time for show and tell and I am excited to see what each child brings every Thursday. Children are encouraged to bring any item they feel they want to share with the class. Examples of items to bring can be stuff animals, science objects, pictures, etc. Before the child comes to class with their object they need to rehearse 3-4 sentences they can say about their object. Parents are encouraged to ask their child to explain their item to them before coming to school. I will also be bringing my own item to show for show and tell. Show and Tell is not mandatory but strongly encouraged!
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