Room 107 News March 6

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First Grade Ninja

Student Led Conferences Next Week

March 2015

Dear Parents,

The children have been working hard preparing to share samples of their work and learning with you at student-led conferences this week. They understand they will be "teaching" you how they have grown as learners this year and sharing the strategies they use in each content area.

During your conference, two or three other families will also be meeting at the same time. There will be stations set up around the classroom, and your child will be your guide as you move through each one. As this is your child's time to shine, I will not be conducting personal conferences at this time. I will, however, meet briefly with you at the start of your conference. For the remainder of your time, I'll be an observer as your child leads you from station to station.

Also, to be able to give your child your undivided attention, please try and make arrangements for older and younger siblings to be taken care of during your conference.

Finally, in order to make the most of this special time with your child, please see the tips and suggestions listed on the back of this letter.

Thanks so much for your support. I'm looking forward to celebrating your child's growth!

Tips for making the conference a positive learning experience:

· Please give your child your full attention. Switching off mobile phones is greatly appreciated.

· Taking photographs can be distracting to your child. Please save photos until the end of the conference.

· You and your child do not need to use English. Please feel free to communicate in your home language.

· When listening to your child, please give positive feedback and share your observations about the learning that has taken place.

· If your child seems a little nervous, he or she can look back at the notes they have for assistance. Gentle reassurance and encouragement from you will also help!

· Have fun!


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